Amelia Jane Hunter is a comedian, story teller, television producer and passionate adventurer

Spending her formative years in Darwin, Australia, Amelia Jane Hunter walked for 16 years across Kakadu National Park, the Kimberley and Central Australia as a professional bushwalking guide for the incredible trail blazing Willis Walkabouts.

Privileged to access areas of historical, cultural and world heritage significance, Amelia led groups on extended walks of up to six weeks into Australia’s most beautiful,secret and sacred country.

A qualified Speech and Drama Teacher and a show off since conception, Amelia performed with local theatre troupes and travelling performance shows before finding her true calling to comedy.

With a wealth of material from a history of tourism, tall stories and tiny men in small shorts, Amelia moved to Sydney to embark on a wild awakening into the wonderful world of stand up comedy, writing and television production.

Her bush skills, indomitable spirit and ability to carve thru the banal secured a future and passion for entertainment on a proper stage, in shoes, inside.

After 10 years of performing and working in Television and Documentary Film in Australia, Amelia packed her backpack once more and headed off the island.

After productions in the Philippines, Vietnam, Germany and the UK producing Crime, Documentary and Reality TV often wading in muck raking, low self esteem and the shallow petri dishes of humanity, Amelia jettisoned back to Europe and found her true calling once more.

Amelia now lives, loves and lifestyles in the land of bone structure, broad shoulders and smouldering eye contact; Berlin.

Performing in both very poor German and excellent English, Amelia tours across the expansive girth of Europe finding funny love and culinary frights in the coldest, quirkiest corners.

Her solo productions, performance and writing charters the span of freedom, the hour of dreaming and the subterranean paradise of her new home in Berlin. An unstoppable adventurer and elusive chameleon, inspired by the bullet ridden basements and backdrop of stoic pride, Amelia will stop at nothing in her quest to discover what she never learnt at finishing school.

Riveting, ribald and completely uncensored, Amelia is a powerful storyteller with a penchant for the theatrical. Never short of a story or afraid to pepper the air blue, she is the carnival ride that should have been closed down the day Michael Jacksons’ hair caught fire.

Thank goodness she wasn’t. The world can often be a dull and dastardly place.

Artists are the last line of defence, the torch bearers of truth and the provocation to wake up and feel something again.

"On stage she is a force of nature: aggressive, confident, in your face and opinionated. She prowls the stage like a caged animal as she tells her tales of a world that restricts such a free spirit. It’s wonderful to witness her storytelling in person: describing the scene in deep detail and using poetic language so that all are rapt, only for her to floor us with a hysterical and biting comment as a punchline. It’s akin to snarky footnotes scrawled in the margins of a classy novella"
Squirrel Comedy Australia 2017

"Amelia Jane Hunter stole the show. Raw, outrageous, completely unapologetic and enthralling to watch"
UK Comedy Guide 2015

"She is a brilliant tour de force of laughter filled mischievous comedy"
Time Out 2014