The Year That Was

Last year I experienced loneliness, That which you feel alone, professionally and within friendships. I love my friendships, fortifying those that exist, encouraging new shoots and distinguishing those fraught with strain and wintery weather patterns and banishing them to a broken ice shelf to fight it out with a leopard seal hell bent on malevolence; character building if they survive. Most don’t.

Instead I have chosen to invest in those that sweeten and inspire the air I breathe.

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Rebecca is my mate, strong, gutsy and superbly talented. I knew she would be great company and a reliable assistant on this three week
remote area bush-walk; taking clients to a waterfall in the far northwest of Australia.. a place no whitefellas ever been.
Bec was a tour guide and a bush-girl so she knew the quandary of
dealing with clients in the elements. A natural with a powerful stride, her ability to dance across the rocks under the weight of a heavy pack was both seamless and graceful. She inspired people to open their eyes and experience the true beauty of the Australian bush, capitalising on the risk they had already undertaken in signing up for the trip and climbing deep into the stone country to challenge and uncover a part of
themselves that resides only in the quiet corners of the spirit.

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