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Following  a  stellar  season  at  the  2017  Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Germany, Holland and the UK, Die Blaue Stunde returns to the convict shores once again in 2018. 

2018 DIE BLAUE STUNDE/ The Blue Hour 

Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Newcastle and the picturesque beauty and bright lights of New Zealand Fringe Festival.




In her 8th solo show- DIE BLAUE STUNDE/The Blue Hour; Amelia charters the span of freedom, the hour of dreaming and the subterranean paradise of Berlin. An unstoppable adventurer and elusive chameleon, Amelia will stop at nothing in her quest to discover what she never learnt at finishing school – love, compassion and the depths of a darkroom.

2017 DIE BLAUE STUNDE/The Blue Hour followed up with further musings and story telling of a lifestyle, longing and a community she has come to value and love.


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"On stage she is a force of nature: aggressive, confident, in your face and opinionated. She prowls the stage like a caged animal as she tells her tales of a world that restricts such a free spirit. It’s wonderful to witness her storytelling in person: describing the scene in deep detail and using poetic language so that all are rapt, only for her to floor us with a hysterical and biting comment as a punchline. It’s akin to snarky footnotes scrawled in the margins of a classy novella"
Squirrel Comedy Australia 2017

2015 ELEGANT FILTH was her first Berlin born solo show, a road map of soul searchings, discovery and celebration of a hedonism and happiness she never knew existed.

"Amelia Jane Hunter stole the show. Raw, outrageous, completely unapologetic and enthralling to watch"
UK Comedy Guide 2015

Working as a Television Producer to fund her creative artistic endeavors Amelia was lured into a false sense of integrity and production values and landed in the Philippines to begin a long Television contract. A new show was born; 2013 MEASURE OF HER MADNESS, illustrating the dangers of life behind the camera, directing low level porn and survival singing karaoke with local militia.

"She is a brilliant tour de force of laughter filled mischievous comedy"
Time Out 2014


Followed up in 2011 DEAR ENDORA, an Agony Aunt desperate to inject harsh home truths into the masses currently spellbound and ravaged by faux spirituality and sexually predacious gurus.


After a ridiculous turn as a contestant on a reality TV show 2010 HELL WEST and CROOKED was born; exposing the sordid truths, mental anguish and realities of reality TV. It was equal parts comedy and catharsis.




The following year Amelia won another Moosehead Award with fellow comedian Hannah Gadsby and created 2008 MEAT THE MUSICAL. Playing identical twin sisters running the family business; Mountains of Meat, the show sold out in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney comedy festivals, also winning the 2008 Sydney Festival Directors Award.


2007 AMELIA JANE HUNTER IS KEITH FLIPP; the girl from Belkendowns Flat, won the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Moosehead Award, invited to Edinburgh Fringe Festival, produced by the Gilded Balloon and nominated for a Total Theatre Award.


After testing the waters of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival stage with other fearless Sydney comics in 2005 MIC IN TRANSIT, Amelia’s first solo show 2006 ROADHOUSE welcomed audiences into a world she had inhabited; trapped in a dilapidated flooded Northern Territory roadhouse with a cast of characters that eclipsed the eccentric and the macabre. An early template for Wolf Creek.