Storytelling In Berlin

“a culture cannot evolve without honest, powerful story telling”
Robert McKee

“the purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself”
Albert Camus

Berlin is a magnificent city boasting so many lateral thinking, beautiful minds. All of us drafted together into a cosmic melting pot of culture, kitsch and socks and sandals.

Storytelling is what keeps culture and traditions alive and without it we would all be lost for words and wisdom.

I am proud to present a monthly Storytelling showcase Storytelling in Berlin, in the city that inspires and delights me. Inviting storytellers from all walks of life, first timers, professionals, comedians, performers and those who simply have a story to tell to come and share in an intimate and supportive environment.

Based on the monthly theme, Story tellers submit a synopsis and have 8 minutes on stage to tell their story. Every show has been an absolute stellar evening thus far, illustrating the infinite magic, power and impact of story telling.


Please feel free to get in touch if you have a story, I am always excited to hear from new story tellers.